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February 25, 2011

What if the paradigm changed?

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Is the amount of time we spend, for instance, is the time spent searching the web reasonable at all? What about reading mail or looking for daily deals in Groupon or LivingSocial? Same for Facebook? What do all this sites have in common? Is it that for the most part one needs to do the “work” of finding or constantly checking daily deal sites through web sites or mail? Does this sound very much like a “pull model” where users have the burden of retrieving what they need by themselves? Could the time we spend be improved by changing from a “pull model” into a “push model” where services actively offer a service rather? Are there already services with the “push model” around? Twitter and Facebook push text messages to users and the new service, DaWurm, recently started pushing daily deal alerts through text as well? Is this model better and a game changer perhaps? What if instead of searching for something, search services knew the context of our lives? What if they knew our calendar appointments and predict the information we need, process it and push it to us? How would this services look like? A bit like Pandora perhaps?


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